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Guessing whether your clothes are ethically made?

Posted by Claire Johnson on

Now, seeing this spring, more than ever before, we are aware of the impact and responsibility that we have in deciding the future of our planet, the environment, our communities and our own health and well-being. Organically grown, reduced carbon foot prints, renewable energies, fair trade and social justice are some of the concerns of a growing list in attributes that we look for in products to make a positive difference with our choices and purchases.

But unlike our foods, our cars and our homes, it's not always easy to see what kind of impact the clothes we buy are making on the planet and our fellow humans. We don't always know how the materials were grown, the textiles made and the workers treated. We don't know of the damage we do to the environment and the planet when we buy those blue jeans or that t-shirt. Shopping for clothes can become a daunting and overwhelming process and we end up guessing and hoping that we've made the right choice without ever really being certain.

At Spiritex we take that guesswork away from you and make shopping for clothes fun again. We care as much about the planet as you do and, being in the textile and fashion industry, we examine every step of the process of producing quality fashion in keeping with a sustainable environmental and economic future. We select and use only USA grown organic cotton which eliminates and reduces both agricultural chemicals the carbon foot print. We use local in-State workers to produce our textiles and clothes. We make our clothes durable, fashionable and comfortable. We think about all of these concerns so that you don't have to when you shop with us.

At Spiritex, we love our clothes, and we love our planet  

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Spiritex at American Made Show

Spiritex will be exhibiting at the American Made Show in Washington, DC January 16th-19th. Stop by our booth (#213) to check out our latest designs! Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter. 

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