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Our History

Marylou Marsh and Daniel Sanders met in Brooklyn before it was cool.  They each had their own competing companies and decided to join forces, which entailed lugging handcrafted garment iterations up a narrow flight of stairs, since there was no elevator in their Brooklyn loft. “ML Marsh Designs” turned into a worthwhile venture, and they moved to Manhattan, which was an eighties way of declaring, “Success!”


One day, Marylou was nearly bowled over by the smell of formaldehyde coming off the woven fabric being spread on the cutting table.  Soon thereafter, while looking over a Greenpeace product catalog, Daniel was struck by how the organization was making great strides with unbleached paper but not addressing their garment manufacturing footprint. Daniel and Marylou’s nascent eco-consciousness therefore found fault with the status quo and the consequences of their own actions. So they resolutely set out with a “build it and they shall come” attitude to help revolutionize the textile industry. Along with a select few key visionaries and stakeholders, they jumpstarted the organic cotton industry by being the first to bring organic cotton through the production pipeline (just ask the organic cotton farmers).  While creating their own brand, “Ecosport”, they also made product for major established brands such as: Levis, NIKE, Patagonia, Esprit, and Ralph Lauren, thus helping household names take their own baby steps into sustainability.


Ecosport was sold to a public company in Y2K.  After coming out of hibernation in 2005, Daniel and Marylou set out to finish what they started, namely taking textile sustainability to the next level by tightening up the local supply chain.  They both feel their knowledge, experience and comfortable perch in Asheville, NC makes Spiritex their best effort yet.  Just call and ask them, they love talking about this stuff; you might even hear a corny joke or two from Daniel, or a salient anecdote from Marylou.


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