Cotton as a crop made almost purely of cellulose is spun into the fabric of our civilization and provides only a wisp from which our rich tapestry is woven. It's also where our story begins. Dancing first as flowers among various fields dotted through greater southeastern united states, cotton has cultivated a controversial history of the divide that we as a society have begun to recognize with more fervor in the recent days. As we operate in the southeastern states that once thrived under the influence of the cotton and textile industries, we recognize the need to pay homage to the blood, sweat, tears, and triumphs that brought us here today.

Blooming from a tiny seed under millions of pounds of pressure, the cotton plant springs forth from the soil jubilantly as something, that through it's struggle, is able to provide utility to the world at large. A purpose. Something to live for. We take it to be a suiting analogy for how we feel as an organization. Together, we make tremendous strides, collectively underneath the enormous pressure imposed by the world at large, to provide utility through our purpose. We enjoy the challenge associated with growth, and always trying to be better which inspires us to do what we do.     

As we plant our own seeds of change into the conscious collective of those who choose to be present in our shared reality, we implore you to do the same. 

09 mayo 2017 — Corey Jones