Medieval MJ Glove Makes For Flashy Handsaving

For those of you who didn't know, we do a lot of our production cutting at our Riverside dr. facilities where we also warehouse finished fabric and apparel. Our design/sample studio is also located here. The warehouse is in Woodfin, about four miles from our downtown Asheville store.

Full scale garment production requires some heavy duty equipment, which can be mildly intimidating if you're only used to the run of the mill home sewing set up. After many days of cutting giant stacks of fabric unsafely, we finally broke down and got this new chainmail glove. It feels weird. But a good weird. We use an Eastman Bluestreak cutting knife and it's certainly a bad mamma jamma in the cutting machine world. We can cut hundreds of pattern pieces with this baby at once so you could only imagine how sharp the blade is. It's a wonder we haven't painted the table red already but now we're really prepared and are about to start cutting up the new styles for fall and winter. 

septembre 14, 2017 by Corey Jones

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