Once the ginned cotton is tightly compacted into moveable bales, they make their way from the farms in Texas down the freeways towards North and South Carolina to the spinners we work with dispersed throughout the Carolinas. The spinning process is actually composed of several other processes in order to eliminate even more debris from the fiber. A very basic order of operations for the spinning process relative to our own organic cotton yarn is outlined below:

Bale Opening 
Conditioning of MMF Fibers 
Blow Room 
Drawing 1 
Drawing 2 (with Auto Leveler) 
Speed Frame 
Ring Frame 
Cone Winding


Once our cotton has been put through the ringer, we're afforded our finished product. The many cones of yarn that are then transported over to the knitter where they are placed on the knitting machines to be processed into greige goods, or fabric that is not yet finished. 


05 juin, 2017 — Corey Jones