Since we cut an sew most of our garments in house, we're generally left to problem solve in order to figure out how to utilize the scrap left over from the edges of the marker. The marker is all the pattern pieces laid out on a giant sheet of paper used to lay on top of the fabric to cut quickly and efficiently. Imagine a great big puzzle that has all the little pieces of the pattern drawn in, but since the shapes are kind of strange and squiqqly for clothes, they don't fit together perfectly like little squares, leaving a little bit of space around the edges and sides. We take these edges and try to fill in as we can with other patterns that fit (like children's clothing, scarves, bandanas, etc. Often times after all is said and done, we still have little straggler pieces that we have to figure out what to do with. We give a lot of it away to our local crafty community that takes it to make other things like dog toys, rugs, quilts, etc. Our most recent utilization for the little smidgeons left over are these color block scarves. They're pretty fun to piece together and we're happy to make use of it!


08 septembre, 2017 — Corey Jones