Today the sewing room has been working hard to crank out our newest RAD Dress. It's a sweatshirt, dress, hoodie, cowl hybrid so it couldn't be anything other than rad. Throw it on over your favorite shirt with some leggings or jeans or tights or whatever. Pants or no pants, this thing is probably the most comfortable piece of clothing that has graced any lady face. It's made from Spiritex 100% Organic Heavyweight French Terry, so it's only natural that it feels so luxuriously loopy and super soft. If you haven't had the pleasure of touching it for yourself or someone else who is wearing it, be wary because you might find yourself making folks uncomfortable with all the feels you'll surely try n' cop. Now that it's almost gift giving season, who cares. Treat yourself, give your own gift to you, get one, give one. Whatever you do, don't mess up and miss out!