As the pioneers of the very first mass produced organic cotton t-shirt almost 30 years ago, we know the biz inside and out and have even helped larger big box brands like Nike, Patagonia, Billibong, etc. set up sustainable and organic fiber programs of their own. We helped shape the Organic Cotton Standard with Sally Fox way back when which lead to furthering the standards that lead to the GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard).

We're generally so caught up in the actual production of our goods from the bottom up, that we often times forget to tell people about what we're doing! We're the real deal, 100% grown and sewn right here on American soil. From the cotton, to the spinning, to the knitting, to the finishing, to the cutting, to the sewing, to the printing- it's legitimately done all right here in the states. By manufacturing everything within reasonable travel distances from us, we're able to ensure that our product quality and the quality of life of those who make it are top notch. 

We've chosen to take the high road despite the higher material and labor cost all the way from the beginning of our journey as textile and apparel mavens. We take pride in the fact that we have been and will continue to be at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement because we know, deep down in our hearts, that it's the right thing to do. We're not in it for the dollar, but because Global Warming is a real problem we face together according to any and every scholar. 

05 junio 2017 — Corey Jones