Spiritex is still here as your pioneering organic and sustainable USA made farm to fabric source. You can find Spiritex Organic Fabric here

The creators of Spiritex are proud to introduce Asheville's premier clothing line inspired largely by the community and the landscape in which we live. Asheville Apparel hopes to bring positive and impactful change to the macro level by initiating it here on the micro level through: domestic economic development, utilization of sustainable agriculture and land management practices, short supply chains, and community/environmental stewardship. We believe that change begins within, so what better way than to roll up our sleeves and start right here within a community supportive of our mission? Asheville Apparel will utilize the soft and sustainable fabrics made by Spiritex within 150 miles of our Asheville, NC headquarters as the basis for construction of apparel created for the folks who lead the Asheville lifestyle, or people who aspire to- people who care about other people and the planet. 

We take pride in the way we make things. We’ve been taking the high road for quite some time now, and we enjoy every moment! We can sleep with ourselves at night simply for the fact that we’re working with what we got in order to do the right thing and make good decisions that in turn effect everyone. With this philosophy, we’re able to contribute to the change that we’d like to see in the world by doing what we love to do. Many companies fled the states, taking a lot of NC jobs with them, we stayed behind with the hope that by doing so we’d be able to strengthen and reinvigorate regional and community supply chains and the once thriving textile and apparel industries of the Carolinas all while fostering sustainable agriculture and land management practices by providing sustainably soft fabrics and apparel that are nice to the wearer and the maker. Asheville Apparel loves our planet and what we do, so we sure hope you do too!

04 septiembre 2017 — Corey Jones