Q: Why did y'all switch the name? 
A: Well, fortunately, we've seen an uptick in the sales of our USA grown & manufactured cotton fabrics, which was the foundational idea carried over from our first endeavor that evolved Spiritex to what it is today, the spirit of sustainable textiles. So in short, the spirit of Ecosport lives on through Spiritex and Spiritex lives through Asheville Apparel and many others. With the upsurge of consumers concerned and interested in the process of how things are produced, conscious stateside clothing endeavors and DIY'ers have been coming in droves. We're stoked. But wheww wee... We have a longstanding tradition of multi tasking all these manufacturing processes, but there comes a point where you want to change how you work so you can work better. Which is what we're doing. We're changing the way we work so that we could focus on each individual process more intently. After all, there's something to be said about specialization. 
Q: Why did you choose Asheville Apparel? 
A: When we came to Asheville, we were inspired by the people that made the city what it is today- A group of movers and shakers that wanted to bring themselves up by bringing their community up. One of the cornerstones of Asheville's burgeoning success as a city is community collaboration and utilizing short and smart supply chains. Why source something from the nethers when you can source it directly from your neighbors? Spread the love, share the wealth, keep in the community kind of vibes are what Asheville entrepreneurs have instilled as a successful business model that can be echoed throughout every community. We believe these ideals to be intrinsic to our motives and our mission, which is why Asheville Apparel as a name only seemed natural. Clothing for Asheville, by Asheville, from Asheville <3
Q: What's the difference between Spiritex and Asheville Apparel? 
Spiritex is fabric grown & manufactured in the USA from organic and sustainable fibers.
Asheville Apparel is apparel manufactured in and around Asheville from Spiritex Fabrics. 
Q: Can I buy Spiritex Fabric to make my own clothes? 
A: Yes! We'd love for you to work with Spiritex Fabrics. You can visit www.spiritexorganicfabric.com to browse our fabric collection or shoot an email to Corey@spiritex.net if you have any questions
Q: Can I still shop at spiritex.net
A: Yes! Spiritex.net will redirect you to Ashevilleapparel.net where you can still purchase all of your favorite spiritex styles. We're still running through our Spiritex labels (and we hate wasting so we'll be sure to use em up!), until the last label, everything will still be branded with the Spiritex tag.  
Q: So did y'all sell Spiritex?
A: Nope, it's still the same owners. We do hope to sell to our team members sometime in the near future.
September 05, 2017 — Corey Jones