Many people ask us how to maximize the life of their garment, so we put together a little how to for those who'd like to know. 

1. Always use natural soaps as the wastewater is put back into the water table. Natural soaps are able to be broken down by nature where as the other stuff sticks around for many years to come. 

2. Use cold water to keep color longer and to prevent the garment from drawing up. 

3. Line Dry, again to maximize color fastness and to minimize shrink. 

4. If you feel better using hot water and machine drying, no worries, just prepare for 2-5% shrink. To get the shirt back to it's original size if using high heat in the dryer, stop it while it's still a little damp, and give it a good stretch. Let it finish air drying or tumble on low/no heat. 


June 07, 2017 — Corey Jones