Fall's here and we're feeling the layers. Right now we're working on adding the finishing touches to our Balsam Jacket. This beauty's made from 100% Organic Spiritex Lightweight French Terry and features a pleated scarf collar, tuck details to accentuate and flatter all shapes, and ethically sourced antler buttons (fun fact: deer shed their antlers). When we say ethically sourced, we have a person who forages shed antlers in the forest and cuts them down to button size. Deer shed their antlers every year in a somewhat gory process, Google if you dare. Anyhow, antler foraging seems like a pretty cool profession. We like walking around in the woods, exploring all things nature. We also like to feature nature in our designs, antlers in this instance. We have made these in London Fog (shown) and Mushroom. 


November 10, 2017 — Corey Jones