All of our fabrics are finished and dyed with natural citrus scours for natural, peroxide wash for white, and GOTS certified synthetic dyes for colors. All colors are processed in a closed loop water system that is able to recycle 100% of the water used in processing. As natural dyes aren't truly sustainable, we've opted to utilize available technology to bridge the gap.

Contrary to popular belief, natural dyes are actually more toxic than the synthetic dyes we utilize in our production due to the fact that they require a highly toxic mordant to achieve the color fastness necessary to give the fabric/garment the longest life span possible. They also require extraordinary amounts of water. Natural dyes are often not as vibrant and still loose color quickly (even with the mordant) opposed to their synthetic counterparts. As a part of our mission is "to create the softest and most sustainable textiles and apparel," we take into consideration how to achieve the maximum potential lifespan of the garment so that the wearer is able to get as much from the garment that we put in and more. We want these clothes to last, which is why we choose closed loop dyeing vs. natural. 

June 05, 2017 — Corey Jones